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Zig Zag Records

New York City

To know Albert is to know his love for music. He frequented many record stores wherever he lived but always had a soft spot for the small, grungy, mom-and-pop record shops. When Albert lived in New York, Tower Records was (and still is) the most famous record merchant, but it was too commercial for Al. Al loved Zig Zag Records in Brooklyn because it was the perfect intersection of cool and well-respected in the punk movement of the 80s and the grunge revolution of the 90s to have the records, albums, and tapes that created the foundation of Al's large collection.

Zig Zag Records was open for 35 years and was the last standing original vinyl merchant in South Brooklyn before closing in 2011. Zig Zag Records is one of many independent record shops that have closed in the last decade. Al's piece Zig Zag Records is an ode to all the independent record shops that have shuttered in hopes of keeping their memory alive.

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