Greene St Cast-Iron

New York City

When you ask someone what their favorite New York building is, most say the Empire, the Chrystler, or the Flatiron buildings, however, if you ask Albert, he would tell you it was this nameless structure covered in graffiti, tucked away in Soho. This
cast-iron building on Greene St. was right around the corner from Al's art gallery, which meant he walked passed it almost every day.

Al's piece Greene St. Cast-Iron is a culmination of some of Al's biggest artistic muses: graffiti and old architecture. Graffiti art has always inspired Al. When he lived there, New York was in the heyday of graffiti art and some of the most notorious graffiti artists were making a name for themselves.

Like most neighborhoods in New York, Soho isn't anything like it used to be in the 90s. Where it used to be known for its art studios, artist co-ops, and galleries by the dozens, Soho is now home to some of the most high-end stores in the world. Greene St. Cast-Iron is commemorating the history of the art scene of Soho where Al thrived and created for years.