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72nd Street New York Newsstand

Albert’s last apartment in New York City was on 71st Street & Broadway. After moving out of the city, he found himself missing 72nd Street and the places he frequently visited. By the time Albert’s second daughter was born, his longing for New York grew. To quell his homesickness, Albert began to regularly visit the city with his two daughters in tow.


The newsstand at the entrance of 72nd Street was always Albert’s first stop. Whether it was a cup of coffee, a copy of the New York Post, or a $2 umbrella, Albert could count on this newsstand for quick service and cheap products.


Once an integral part of New York, newsstands like the one on 72nd Street are an increasingly rare sight due to increased city licensing fees. 72nd Street New York Newsstand commemorates the stands that were a daily stop for Albert and fellow New Yorkers.

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