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Optimo Cigars

Once a staple of old New York, Optimo Cigar signs existed on countless storefronts across the city. Now an increasingly rare site, remnants of these signs offer a glimpse into the iconography of New York during the mid-1900s.


Located just around the corner from Albert’s old apartment, Optimo Cigars was his bodega of choice. Whether he was grabbing a cup of coffee before work or picking up last-minute groceries, Albert visited Optimo Cigars frequently. Like most mom-and-pop convenient stores in the city, Optimo Cigars served as a meeting place for the entire neighborhood.


Despite dwindling numbers, bodegas still serve as anchors in their communities and remain historic remnants of New York’s original character. Optimo Cigars is Albert’s ode to the bodegas of the past that defined a neighborhood’s character and identity.

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