New York City

No doubt, CBGB is one of the most well-known music venues of all time. Standing for Country Bluegrass Blues, CBGB ironically became the epicenter of punk-rock music since its opening in 1973 and is still a legend among classic rock fans.


Al's memories of CBGB aren't of raucous punk shows, though; living right down the street, CBGB was Al's local dive bar and the place where he and his friends would go to just grab a quick drink before a big night out. Even then, Al said he felt honored to be casually drinking at such a renowned club.

Even though CBGB is most well known for the musical acts it welcomed, its most infamous place in history has to be the state of its bathroom. "It's horrifying," Al said. "You have to actually see it to believe it."

Unlike most of the pieces in Lost But Not Forgotten, CBGB is still standing, however, it's more of a functioning monument than a bar or club. To all who have drunk, head-banged, or ogled in awe of the living testament to rock music, Al's piece CBGB is for you.