5th St. Gym

Miami, Florida

The 5th St. Gym opened in 1950 in Miami, Florida and became one of the most popular boxing gyms in the world. Muhammad Ali trained at the gym in the 1960s and gave the gym the worldwide recognition it had for decades before being torn down in 1993. The gym attracted many celebrities throughout its glory years including the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and Joe Louis.

Elvis Yero was a friend of Albert's growing up who trained at the 5th St. Gym and later became a golden glove champion. What many didn't know was that Elvis was also an amazing amateur artist; he and Albert's friendship started when they were sent to a separate after-school art program. Albert's favorite memory of Elvis is when he took him to the gym after school to teach Al some boxing moves. He taught Al how to block and when he was finally ready to practice, Elvis threw what he thought was a soft punch, but it sent Al flying backward and left him sprawled on the mat with a broken nose – his first of many.

The 5th St. Gym helped shape the history of Miami Beach. "As shabby and unkempt the area was, the gym simply belonged," said Angelo Dundee, an original trainer at the gym. Years after being torn down, the gym reopened at its original location in 2013, however, Albert wanted to memorialize the original building in history forever with his piece 5th St. Gym